Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Announcing the Lay Movements as Structures of Grace conference

Conference Title

Lay Movements as Structures of Grace: 

The Legacy of Cardijn, the See-Judge-Act Method, and Catholic Action in the Americas


July 6-8, 2018


Mount St Joseph University, Cincinnati


Since Cardinal Joseph Cardijn himself died on July 24, 1967 it is appropriate for both a retrospective and prospective look at the Cardijn legacy in the Americas fifty years after his death. Thus, the conference aims to explore:

a) The history of the Jocist movements in the USA in particular and the Americas in general.

b) The academic relevance of the Cardijn legacy in local parish life and in a Catholic higher educational context.

c) The workshopping of Cardijn’s method to help Catholic educators, campus ministers, pastoral associates, and lay organization leadership facilitate the discussion and understanding of political, economic, and sociocultural issues in local contexts.


Conference papers will be selected to appear in the peer-reviewed journal, Cardijn Studies published by ATF Press. For more information, click on Call for Papers.

Conference sponsors

Mount St Joseph University - Cardijn Associates - National Center for Laity - Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers - Christian Family Movement - ATF Press - Cardijn Community International

Download flyer here.

Background photo: Greg Hume / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 4.0